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Rosà Autoservizi is a bus rental company for public transportation.

It commenced operations in 1986 out of the entrepreneurial initiative of its founder and current chairman, Lorenzo Trevisan, who started by purchasing a Setra touring coach and working together with the Trevisan Brothers’ Listrop Travel Agency.

In 1992 Rosà Autoservizi diversified and expanded further: it successfully won a contract to provide school transport services in the municipality where it is situated.

Over the years, while the company has become more focused with leisure travel groups (thanks to the collaboration with some important travel agencies in the Triveneto area), it still continues to work with organized groups, different and wide-ranging associations, ski clubs, choir & musical groups, church groups and sports teams.

Rosà Autoservizi has always distinguished itself with its constant and steady quality research: in the year 2000 it was among the first bus service companies in Italy to achieve the international Uni En ISO 9002 certification.

It constantly promotes training and upgrade courses for all its staff.

Professionalism, quality and safety are the cornerstones that govern Rosà Autoservizi's operations.
With a generous dose of passion to boot.